15 Funny Marriage Memes Perfectly Sum Up Married Life

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These funny marriage memes are bound to make you laugh … if you’ve retained your sense of humor now that you’re married, that is.

This year my husband and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary. I may have joked that it’s been 11 years too many.

But the truth is, I’m pretty damned happy in my marriage.

My husband was my first really long relationship and the longer I’m married to him, the easier it feels to stay married.

One thing is for sure though, a sense of humor and a lot of commitment goes a long way in a marriage. That’s why I’m sharing my favorite funny marriage memes – celebrating the last 11 years and looking forward to as many years as I’m blessed to have with my husband.

Let’s have a bit of fun laughing at these married life memes together, shall we?!

A sense of humor helps in marriage. Laugh it up with these funny marriage memes!

15 Funny Marriage Memes

Being married a few years might make you think there’s no humor left. But, I guarantee there’s plenty of fun or funny things going on in your married life and these funny marriage memes are going to bring those moments to light.

After 10 years of marriage

I learned a lot after 8 years of marriage, but this wasn’t one I learned that I can directly attribute to the length of marriage. For me, it was having two kids. Pregnancy and birth … that’s when all the mystery is gone. I promise!

Get to Annoy The Same Person

You know, it’s really difficult learning how to (or not to) annoy people. Dating sucks!!!

I’m so excited I get to annoy the same man for the rest of my life!

annoy one person the rest of your life

This Conversation is Being Recorded

Hey, it goes both ways!

this conversation will be recorded; funny marriage meme

Dangerous Sports

Pick your battles!

funny marriage meme about dangerous sports

My husband thinks I’m crazy

We’re both a little nuts, and this meme perfectly describes both of us!

husband thinks i'm crazy meme

How to make her scream your name in bed, no matter how long you’ve been married

I mean, the mystery is gone and we’re aiming to annoy each other for the rest of our lives, right?

make her scream my name marriage meme

How do you feel when you see your food coming in a restaurant?

You know how excited you get about devouring your favorite meal when dining out? Marry someone who makes you feel THAT way!

same feeling when you see food coming funny marriage meme

I thought the argument was over!

We’ve both been guilty of this.

arguing with your man marriage meme

Visiting the In Laws

It is just me?

visiting husbands family funny memes about married life

How you know she’s mad at you

The thing about being married a while is that you learn to figure out each other’s signals. Okay … women may have a few extras.

how to tell your wife is mad at you funny marriage meme

Hopefully you’ve learned your spouse’s facial expressions/body language

If you haven’t, you’ll have no idea when to be scared or not. Although, it’s been said ignorance is bliss …

I love your warm body next to mine …

So I can warm my feet up on you!

warm body marriage meme

When not to laugh …

Seriously, making fun of your spouse’s choices is a dig at yourself.

don't laugh at your wife's choices funny marriage meme

Being married is so sweet …

Well, for some couples. Marriage changes over time and that’s okay! Doesn’t mean we don’t love each other anymore, just that we’ve matured … or we need our own shit sometimes!

other couples so sweet marriage memes

I mean … I try!

Seriously, I haven’t figured out how my husband is so skilled at sneaking out. As much as I try to be quiet, I might as well just buy a drum set.

who's up first? marriage meme

What are some of your favorite memes about married life?

These were some of my favorites, but I’m always up for laughing at more funny marriage memes!

I love being married and it’s funny to me just how trivial some things can be and yet, so funny when you look at your marriage through a new lens.

Also, I think it’s time to start sending new memes to the hubby.

Finally, Happy 11 Years to the man who keeps me on my toes! You’re either keeping me young, or you’re trying to give me a heart attack so that you can annoy someone new *wink*.

Ivy B

I'm a work-from-home (previously stay-at-home) mom of two beautiful children and married since 2009. Because I prioritize my relationship with my husband, I've seen tremendous benefits in marriage and want to help couples achieve happiness in their relationships. When I'm not busy with work and family, you might find me blogging, out at a race track, or on a Rally course.

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