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Got words that shimmer brighter than a newlywed’s smile? Marriage Advice Today is seeking your wisdom!

Whether you’re a therapist with insights deeper than a bottomless mimosa brunch, a blogger who knows how to keep the romance flames dancing, or simply someone who’s mastered the art of navigating life’s lovey-dovey detours, we want your voice on our platform.

Here’s what gets our hearts humming:

  • Real talk, real advice: No fancy jargon, just actionable tips readers can actually use to tackle relationship hurdles and savor the honeymoon moments.
  • Heartfelt wisdom: Share your stories, your “aha!” moments, and your “been there, done that” tales. This isn’t a dusty textbook, it’s a vibrant community where authenticity fuels our fire.
  • Credibility matters: We want our readers to trust what they read, so if you’ve got the expertise (whether it’s a doctorate in relationships or simply 20 years of shared sunsets!), let it shine!

Why join our love-fueled fam?

  • Build your fan club: Share your knowledge, grow your audience, and become a sought-after voice in the world of marriage advice.
  • Make a difference: Your words can be a beacon for couples navigating their own journeys. That’s pretty powerful, wouldn’t you say?
  • Be part of the tribe: Join a passionate community of folks who believe in the power of love and lasting connections.

So, if you’ve got something to say and want to share it with an audience craving genuine, helpful advice, don’t be shy! Send us your best stuff, and together, we’ll build a vibrant space where marriage truly thrives.

What to Write

  • Articles of 800 or more words on marriage and relationships.
  • Our audience includes engaged, newlywed, and married couples of all ages, backgrounds and locations.
  • Possible topics could include:
    • marriage advice
    • communication
    • getting married
    • tips for newlyweds
    • marriage and family
    • faith in marriage
    • finances in marriage
    • technology and relationships
  • We will only accept 100% original content not published on any other site.
  • Zero tolerance for plagiarism

Editorial Guidelines

  • Make the reader feel heard and understood
  • Respect our readers’ needs and situation
  • Provide informative and helpful content
  • TONE should reflect the scenario you are writing for and the reader’s state of mind
  • Engaging and scannable (imagery, titles, subheadings, bold, italics, bullet points, etc)
  • Credible
  • Add a short bio (mandatory)

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