30+ Flirty Memes For Him

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In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to share a huge list of flirty memes for him! What a wonderful way to spice up and have some fun in your marriage.

I love my husband, and after 10 years of marriage, I can honestly say I love him more than I did than when I said my vows.

Our marriage continues to become deeper and more meaningful with each year and every struggle that we conquer together.

Sharing some flirty memes should probably be added to my list of ways to show love to your husband, now that I think about it! And, they could definitely be a way to keep your marriage exciting, even after kids!

Sexy, flirty memes for him! Funny, cute, and flirty ways to tell your husband "I want you".  Flirty memes for couples

Flirty Memes For Him

Part of the reason I wanted to share these flirty memes for him is that I am just getting cleared for activities after an explant surgery. I’m ready to “get back on the horse” and I’m sure the hubby would appreciate it as well.

But, I wanted to keep my favorite flirty memes handy so I can try to make this a regular part of my flirty habits! After all, I’m sort of awkward at initiation, so this would make being suggestive a lot more fun!

I can’t wait to hear what you think about these sexy memes for him and if you have any others that should be on this list!

1. Are you a light switch?

I’m sure this image isn’t the turn on he’s expecting, but maybe send a slightly suggestive follow up photo!

2. Wanna Workout?

Even if he’s not one that wants to workout, he’ll be inclined to oblige.

3. My ideal body weight

Quick and to the point …

4. Poetic

This is more like something a man would do, so maybe he’ll appreciate how quickly you get to the “important” part of the subject.

5. Can you honestly refuse if Yoda says?

In no uncertain terms.

6. It’s all about happiness …

Nah, in his mind, it’s all about the penis. You’ll win for sure.

7. Get back in touch

Sometimes this is the best way to get back in touch … especially in a man’s mind.

8. Great for the couple who has been together a while.

Being married a while, it’s comforting to know you still want to do those things!

9. I don’t feel like doing anything

Except you! How can he resist?

10. Delete clothes

Your techie has to love this one!

11. Cocoa and Marshmallows

Don’t send this unless you honestly want to be on top.

12. Your clothes look nice

On the bedroom floor, of course!

13. I’m not feeling myself

Can I feel you?

14. Having trouble paying attention

I was imagining having sex with you. (Maybe the best flirty memes for him to send when you weren’t really paying attention … kind of an apology *wink*).

15. You must be a banana

You’re oh so “a peeling.”

16. I really like your beard.

For the man with a beard, if you’re into that sort of thing …

17. I love you for your personality.

But somethings are bonus!

18. I miss your hugs.

Sometimes that’s all a girl needs, but then there’s other kinds of “hugs” we like, too.

19. Picturing you naked

It’s okay to occasionally have unproductive days. Your husband won’t complain about this kind of unproductive, either.

20. You’re so hot.

Even my pants are falling for you.

21. Practice making babies.

But just practice! I can do without the actual making of babies again.

22. I can’t wait to see you.


This is meme that gets him coming back home early because he knows you are waiting for him.

23. Let’s watch a movie.

Oh okay, that’s not exactly what I meant.

24. Sexy you are …

Want you I do!

25. I promise to always be by your side.

Or under you. Or on top.

26. You are my sunshine and my rain,

basically you make me hot and wet.

flirty memes to send to him

27. Tell me what you want to do to me

If that gets you going, let him know it!

28. I love that sexy thing you do.

When you’re really confident in yourself! Confidence is sexy!

29. I want you inside me

A cutesy, but suggestive image.

30. Don’t know what’s gotten into me lately,

but I wish it were you.

31. Kinda wish you were

touching me inappropriately right now.

Did you love these flirty, sexy memes for him?

Did I miss any other flirty memes for him that you feel should have made it on my list? What are your favorite flirty memes to send him?

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