Why I Truly Admire My Husband

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In my opinion, marriage is a beautiful thing.  For all the things he is and he isn’t, for all our difference and similarities, I admire my husband. 

The last two weeks of December, my husband had to take vacation.  It was kind of a forced thing.  Not bad, in fact, quite the opposite is true.  You see, he has a strong work ethic and rarely gets sick.  By the time the year comes to a close, he has vacation and sick time he hasn’t used, and there’s a use it or lose it policy.

For the second year in a row, he’s had to use his remaining vacation days during the last couple weeks.  Last year, I appreciated him being home to help me survive the first couple weeks of our son’s life.

This year was a bit different though.  Despite some negative feelings I had to work through, I still believe I’m the lucky one in our marriage.  I admire my husband.

Man and woman laying in grass - I admire my husband because

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I might not have enjoyed his presence

His first couple days at home were a bit stressful for all of us.  S was still in school and hubby isn’t at all accustomed to our day time schedule.  Once I had S off to school and B down for his first nap of the day, I felt on edge about everything I was doing.  And, to be frank, perturbed by being bothered.  Not only do I never have my own schedule, I now also had my husband completely oblivious to my own unwritten schedules and habits during the little time I have without a kid needing me.  If he wasn’t asking me to help with something, he was yapping in my ear.

When the baby was awake, I felt like I was limited to where I could be that wouldn’t bother my husband.  Noise from the TV and my husband’s need for social interaction regularly broke my concentration from all sorts of work.  Afternoons, which are my most difficult part of the day, were even more stressful with the additional person.  All of the noise and neediness overwhelmed me!

But, after about a week, and once my daughter was no longer in school, I was so busy that everything kept me from what I needed.  I could no longer place sole blame on my husband.  There simply wasn’t a dull moment and hardly any time I could devote to a single project.  Having two kids does that.  His presence didn’t add any more stress or exhaustion than I was already experiencing.

The days flew by and, with the New Year, my husband returned to work.  I wished we could have spent more quality time together, but that would have required shipping the kids off to a Grandparent.  The thought crossed my mind, except, the holidays were kind of a problem.  In some ways, though, I am relieved.  I can look forward to getting back on a semi-recognizable schedule.

I admire my husband because…

Now that I look back on the time he had off, I can’t help but admire my husband.  You see, in the two weeks he was home, I think he had one day that he almost got some rest.

Though I would have appreciated more help with the children (because being with them every day gets old), it’s not as though he was lazy.  He spent his entire vacation working.  Almost every day, he was outside cleaning the garage, working on a vehicle, or setting up the kids’ new outdoor play area and play set.  If he wasn’t working, he was out gathering supplies so he could work.

He can spend an entire day outdoors doing manual labor, then come in and pick up the baby or semi-entertain the 5 year old.  30 minutes of manual labor could make me want to crawl into a hole and die.  My husband, however, seems to not be phased.

In those two weeks, he took a nap once.  ONCE.  I wanted to nap for him a few times.  The work he did exhausted me.  Thinking about all the work he wanted to do made me want to cry.  But him?  He’s the Energizer Bunny.

I admire my husband who is like the energizer bunny
Img source: Energizer Bunny Welcome Center

I don’t know how he has the energy.  Yes, I’m jealous.  But, I’m so grateful that he takes care of everyone.  He works hard, even on his days off, and rarely complains.  I’m surprised at his ability to stay mostly upbeat and positive.  And, that he continues to stay on the move as though he’s still in his twenties.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, not giving much thought to our feelings at the time.  We’re perturbed, irritated, angered, happy, grateful … whatever it is, we feel in the moment.  But, how often do we reflect on those moments or days and dig a little deeper.  In this case, how can I see something in a better light?  What seemed like a long vacation of annoyances was a chance for me to see, again, what a hard worker my husband is.  And, what a great reminder that he takes care of us as much as he takes care of himself.  It was the perfect reminder of why I admire my husband.

Things to Admire About Your Husband

Marriage, while sometimes a smooth stroll through a sun-dappled meadow, can also feel like navigating a jungle gym in the dark. But amidst the daily routines and occasional stumbles, there’s a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered: the admirable qualities in your husband. He might not be a cape-wearing superhero, but his everyday actions can be a testament to love and support in ways you might not realize.

So, grab your metaphorical flashlight and let’s embark on a journey to unearth these hidden gems:

  1. The Silent Fixer: Does he magically appear with a screwdriver when the light flickers, or whip out his wrench when the faucet starts gurgling? Does he take over the laundry mountain without a grunt, or whip up a delicious dinner when you’re drowning in deadlines? These seemingly mundane acts are the bedrock of your comfort and sanity. Appreciate the man who keeps your world running smoothly, one leaky faucet and folded sock at a time.
  2. Your Unwavering Anchor: Is he the shoulder you cry on when work throws a curveball, or the voice of reason when self-doubt whispers in your ear? Does he stand by you like a rock when life throws punches, or celebrate your victories with unbridled enthusiasm? His unwavering support is your compass, guiding you through choppy waters and stormy skies. Remember, his strength is there to complement yours, not overshadow it.
  3. The Master of Subtle Gestures: Does he remember your favorite coffee order, the size you wear in jeans, or that book you mentioned wanting to read? Does he surprise you with a single perfect bloom on a random Tuesday, or leave a sweet note tucked into your lunchbox? These seemingly small gestures are whispers of his attentiveness and care. Savor the quiet symphony of love he plays in the background of your life.
  4. The Laughter Alchemist: Can he turn a frown upside down with a witty one-liner, or diffuse tension with a perfectly timed joke? Does he fill your home with the sound of shared laughter, even on the most mundane days? His humor is the secret ingredient that keeps your relationship light and bubbly. Let his laughter be your antidote to life’s inevitable challenges.
  5. The Relentless Dreamer: Does he chase his goals with unwavering passion, refusing to let setbacks dim his fire? Does he strive to build a better future for you and your family, brick by determined brick? His ambition and perseverance are testaments to his never-give-up spirit. Let his dreams inspire you to reach for your own, hand in hand.
  6. Your Emotional Lighthouse: Does he offer a safe harbor when you feel lost or adrift? Does he listen without judgment, offering sage advice or simply a comforting presence? His emotional intelligence is the beacon that guides you through life’s murky waters. Cherish the man who provides a safe space for you to be vulnerable and authentic.
  7. The Handy Hero: He tackles leaky faucets, wobbly shelves, and malfunctioning appliances with a toolbox in hand and a can-do attitude. His resourcefulness keeps your home running smoothly and saves you the stress of calling a repair person.
  8. The Culinary King: He whips up delicious meals, grills like a pro, and never complains about kitchen duty. His culinary skills keep your bellies happy and your taste buds dancing.
  9. The Master of Making Memories: He plans adventurous outings, organizes family game nights, and always knows how to turn an ordinary day into something special. His creativity and thoughtfulness fill your life with joy and laughter.
  10. The Emotional Anchor: He’s your rock, your confidant, and your shoulder to cry on. He listens without judgment, offers sage advice, and celebrates your victories with unbridled enthusiasm. His unwavering support is your safe harbor in life’s storms.
  11. The Champion of Your Dreams: He believes in you even when you doubt yourself. He cheers you on from the sidelines, celebrates your achievements, and motivates you to reach your full potential. His unwavering belief in you gives you the wings to soar.
  12. The Everyday Superhero: He might not wear a cape, but his small acts of kindness make a big difference. He holds the door open for strangers, helps neighbors in need, and always puts the needs of others before his own. His compassion and generosity make the world a brighter place.
  13. The Dedicated Dad: He plays catch in the backyard, builds pillow forts, and reads bedtime stories with infectious enthusiasm. His love for your children is boundless, and he shows it through every hug, every game, and every shared moment of laughter.
  14. The Patient Teacher: He explains complex concepts with clarity, turns DIY projects into bonding experiences, and guides you through new skills with unwavering patience. His knowledge and willingness to share it make you feel empowered and capable.
  15. The Master of Puns: He might not win any comedy awards, but his corny jokes and quirky puns never fail to make you smile. His playful humor keeps your relationship lighthearted and fun, even during stressful times.
  16. The Animal Whisperer: He has a special bond with your furry friends, whether it’s walking the dog, playing fetch with the cat, or cuddling with the hamster. His compassion for animals reveals a gentle and caring side that melts your heart.
  17. The DIY Maestro: He can fix a flat tire, build a bookshelf, or paint a room with professional-level craftsmanship. His hands-on skills save you money, keep your home in top shape, and remind you of his resourcefulness and problem-solving abilities.
  18. The Unsung Hero of Chores: He takes out the trash without a reminder, folds laundry like a boss, and tackles dirty dishes with ninja-like precision. His willingness to share household responsibilities shows his respect for you and his commitment to a happy home.
  19. The King of Cuddletown: He offers warm hugs, comforting back rubs, and cozy snuggles on chilly nights. His physical affection makes you feel loved, secure, and cherished.
  20. The Master of Forgiveness: He knows how to let go of arguments, forgive mistakes, and move forward with a clean slate. His capacity for forgiveness strengthens your bond and builds a foundation of trust and understanding.
  21. The Keeper of Secrets: He’s a vault for your deepest thoughts, dreams, and fears. You know you can confide in him without judgment or fear of betrayal. His trustworthiness is a precious gift that fosters intimacy and connection.
  22. The Best Complimenter: He notices the little things, like a new haircut or a well-chosen outfit. He compliments your cooking, your creativity, and your strength. His words of affirmation make you feel seen, appreciated, and valued.

Remember, every man’s treasure chest is unique. What do you admire about your partner?These are just a few nuggets to get you started. With a little observation and a lot of appreciation, you’ll discover a wealth of admirable qualities in your husband, qualities that will strengthen your bond and fill your marriage with the warm glow of mutual respect and love. So, put down your phone, pick up your magnifying glass, and get ready to be dazzled by the hidden treasures within your own partner in crime.

Happy treasure hunting!

What do you admire about your partner?

Take a moment, today, to think about what it is you admire about your spouse.  Bonus points for telling them how you feel!

Have you ever thought about reasons you admire your husband? Here's why I admire my husband and a few things you might admire about your husband!

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  1. I can relate to the forced vacation situation – my partner is also a workaholic and sometimes needs a gentle nudge towards rest. While the initial thought might be frustration, there’s something so sweet about realizing how dedicated they are and how much they need that break.

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